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"Anne provided us with so much valuable wisdom and education around birth. Ultimately helping us to birth safely and confidently at home with our private midwife. Anne reinforced most importantly the body's natural ability to give birth.. and the power i had in controlling my mind to create a safe physical and mental space for us and our baby.
The hypnobirth content was taught thoughtfully and sensitively and we both left feeling empowered and excited about birthing the way we had chosen to.
Our Jack was born amazingly gently and safely at home." 

"Before doing the hypnobirthing course my partner and I briefly discussed what the birth would be like. Neither of us had any idea and the thought of watching our baby crowning terrified my partner! He just assumed that he would sit next to my head and let me squeeze his hand during contractions (which we now call surges). From what a lot of other people told me, I was going to be in a world of pain and this became my expectation of childbirth. However Anne taught us the complete opposite!! After doing the course our attitude flipped and we were so excited for the day our baby was ready to meet us. Anne gave us tools to practice and use throughout the surges so that my partner could confidently support me rather than sit and watch idly by. We gave birth to our baby boy in the hospital after one and a half hours. Our midwife nearly sent us home because I wasn't even showing signs of being in labour! Thanks to Anne's hypnobirthing tools I was able to remain calm, trust my body and rely on my partner to ease the pressure through each surge. We had a truly beautiful birthing experience, which wouldn't have been possible without Anne's hypnobirthing course. If you're having any doubts at all about whether you can have a natural birth, Anne will put your mind at ease. She is such a gentle and down to earth facilitator yet she also adds her professional knowledge, skills and experience as a midwife to the course. I wish more first time mums knew about this!!!


"I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for Anne and this amazing course. Prior to the course, I had quite a lot of fear and anxiety due to past experiences with the medical system. Through the course I was able to release a lot of those concerns but still become informed and empowered about the entire birth process. Anne has such a beautiful aura that makes you feel safe, welcome and at ease. The course is so well set out and organised, with great resources. Both my partner and I walked away with way more than just birth knowledge and skills, but mindfulness practices that we have implemented into all facets of our life.

I was in labour for approx, 21 hours but honestly spent the majority of that time blissed out or dancing. I was able to deliver my son Te Haeata in a water bath with my partner right behind me for support. We both definitely feel that Anne and the course played a significant role in such a positive birth experience and recommend it to everyone! Xx"


"We had an amazing calm, positive, intervention free labour and waterbirth. We absolutely credit the hypnobirth course and our preparation in the lead up to having the birth we visualised. Darren has joked that we just missed out on it being textbook hypnobirth because I didn’t reach down and catch the baby, he did 😂😂. 
Thank you so much for your guidance and support. We would 100% recommend the hypnobirth course. My midwife at MGP has been asking where we did it and has commented it was one of the most positive first birth experiences she’s been involved in"

"Some time had past and the pressure down there was intense but I was mindful to bear him down and to focus on my breathing. I intuitively was holding my vagina, waiting to feel my baby crown. My midwife was still observing, allowing me to be fully in control of my birthing process, never once interfering in anyway. I could feel him crowning slowly, and a short while later my baby was earthside. Oh, the feeling is indescribable. I pulled my baby from his world to mine, still inside his sac as my waters never broke. It was incredible to witness!
I will never forget this moment. Such a raw, emotional and empowering experience! My midwife was absolutely incredible, I couldn’t have done it without her gentle support and reassurance.
Also a big thank you to Anne for delivering to me the hypno birthing course. It gave me the tools and strength from within to have a calm and empowering water birth. Thankyou for all that you do!
And to those that are expecting a little bub soon, I absolutely couldn’t recommend Anne and this course enough! You deserve a positive birthing experience - for you and your baby."


"Thank you again for your support. Doing the course beforehand I was hoping I could do it - I thought even if it didn’t work out on the day, I was so calm and confident leading up to it, it was already worth it! But when it came down to it, and we put into practice what we learnt it all went as well as it could have! Even though it caught us by surprise, I had no fear and was so ready."

"We took Anne’s class prior to having our firstborn and cannot recommend it enough! We had the most amazing and calm birth 😌
Learning about what to expect and how to manage the different stages of labour and birth was the best way we could’ve prepared and it was so easy to implement the things we learned without putting much thought into it at the time.
We couldn’t be happier with our experience and recommend Anne to everyone we know having a baby!"


"We had the most wonderful experience learning hynobirthing from Anne. From the moment we met her with her open arms and warm embrace, to gently working through techniques for our tool box, the entire course we felt supported, loved and so much more prepared and excited for our birth. Our birth didn’t go “as planned”, with a spontaneous membrane release and our sweet boy coming earthside 6 weeks early, but I learnt to “release and let go” from day one of our course and that we did. Riding the amazing wave that is childbirth. The first thing we rushed to pack into our hospital bag was our hypnobirthing handbook. We can’t thank Anne enough for the confidence she instilled in us, all the amazing techniques, and the reminder that as women we are born to do this and we are stronger than we think."

"From a husbands point of view, I think this course was the most beneficial thing we did in the lead up to the birth. Anne made me feel confident throughout the course to handle any situation that occurred on the day, including and most importantly, speaking on behalf of my wife when needed. The entire experience was overwhelming (in a good way), the day of birth was a whirlwind and the greatest test you will ever go through in life. I’ve never felt so connected with my wife than the day that we brought our son into the world. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting a load of tools to help your wife/partner - and yourself - through a calm and confident birth."


 "Anne and the Hypnobirthing course taught me how to go from spectator to facilitator in the birth of our daughter. The combination of a thorough course and a wonderful teacher helped me to upskill myself. It made me a greater asset personally, to my partner, and above all, to our family. A highly memorable and valuable learning experience."


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