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Doula offerings

Inner growing

Pregnancy & Postnatal support
(Birth services not included)

  • 3x2 hour Pregnancy sessions

  • 1x 2 hour Postnatal support/birth debrief

  • unlimited phone calls and emails

  • +/- Mother blessing 

    Investment: $ 460
    Mother blessing $290

Inner knowing

Pregnancy & Postnatal offerings

(Birth services not included)

  • 3x2 hour Pregnancy sessions

  • Private Hypnobirthing     2 day course for you and your birth partner

  • Mother blessing ceremony in 3rd trimester

  • Unlimited phone calls & emails

  • 1x2hour postnatal support session 

  • +/- Ka Huna Massage
    Investment: $1,400

    Massage $115

Inner flowing

Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal offering 

  • 4x2 hour pregnancy sessions

  • Private hypnobirthing course (2 days)

  • Mother blessing ceremony

  • On call for your birth from 37 weeks 

  • Unlimited phone calls/emails 

  • 1x2 hour postnatal session

  • +/- 1.5 hr Ka Huna Massage

Investment: $2,200
Massage $115

***Currently only offering individual support sessions

My intentions supporting women

Working within the maternity system as a midwife for 5 years brought to my attention the lack of time and space for emotional and spiritual support during women's pregnancy, birth and postnatal time.  For this reason I consciously decided to walk away from my midwifery role. I can now support women in the community how I believe they truly deserve to be supported and mentally prepared to ride the waves of labour into motherhood.

I believe pregnancy birth and motherhood are a sacred gift. I want to walk with you to help you remember just how incredible your life giving, life growing, life sustaining body is. I want to celebrate you and your baby within. I want you to feel seen and heard, and held as you physically and emotionally grow throughout your pregnancy as you birth yourself into a mother. 

Before we lock in any offerings, I invite you to have a relaxing cuppa with me to ensure your expectations align with what I am willing to offer.  So I can understand what you are hoping to gain from my offerings, and what energy you need me to bring.
The ultimate goal and my passion is for you to feel so prepared and confident during and after our sessions, that you will not feel like you need me during your birth, as you remember you have EVERYTHING you need within. And with a birth partner that feels confident with a bucket of tools and techniques to support you during your birth. I want you to feel an ignited power and trust within. Fully embodied confidence of your inner knowing, your bodies intelligence, and your babies wisdom.

However, I understand that there are certain situations where extra support is necessary and I am open to take it on a woman by woman basis. 



Pregnancy offerings,
What to expect

My offerings are tailored to a woman's unique needs and expectations, here are some offerings you can experience during a session:

  • Cups of tea and long chats about what is coming up for you during your pregnancy

  • Unravel and understand lessons of previous births

  • Unravel and understand previous rites of passages, and patterns, such as your own birth, menarche, previous births, significant life and death experiences

  • Guided meditations to awaken your power from within

  • Understand your rights as a woman birthing in Australia, learn your options

  • Knowledge around the physiology of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, how to support natural and intervened birth

  • Understand why mindset matters, how fear can effect your birth.

  • New moon fear release fire ceremony

  • Tools and techniques to stay calm and out of your head during labour and birth such as positions, pressure points, visualisations, instant relaxations, breathing techniques, massage techniques (birth partner included)

  •  Nature walk with guided meditation to connect to the land around you to gather on during your birth.

  • Drum journey to meet and communicate with your baby

  • Oracle care readings 

  • A trusting relationship with me to delve deep into your pregnancy, to laugh and cry, feel seen and heard, feel sacred and special honouring you.

  • Ka Huna bodywork sessions to honour the rite of passage of pregnancy and Motherhood. 

    **It is also important to note that although I am an experienced Midwife, I am not able to provide "Midwifery" prenatal, birthing or postnatal care on the basis of my offerings as I am not an Endorsed Private Practising Midwife.  For this reason I cannot attend free births.

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