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Mother blessing ceremony

A nurturing oxytocin flowing ceremony with your nearest and dearest women celebrating you becoming a mother for the 1st or the 5th time! 

What is a mother blessing?

This is a beautiful nourishing ceremony honouring and celebrating the woman's rite of passage into motherhood.  This is an alternative to a baby shower where all attention is on the baby's arrival, and showering the baby with gifts.  Whereas the mother blessing is focused on the mother, gifting her with heart felt support and strength from her trusted family and friends with lots of tears, laughter and oxytocin flowing! 
The ceremony is all about celebrating and pampering the mother to be. Showering her with love and support and positive energy she can gather upon during her birth and into motherhood. 


The ceremony goes for about 3 hours and is tailored to the woman's unique dreams and desires of how she would like to be pampered. The ceremony can be held in doors or out in nature, wherever the mother would like to go.


This is such a beautiful gift for mothers to be. Allowing the mother to receive so much love, support and nourishment as she enjoys her last weeks of pregnancy feeling like the pregnant goddess she is! 

Please email me for enquiries.

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