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Pregnancy support

Feel authentically supported throughout your pregnancy to postnatally. Feel your confidence and excitement grow as you positively anticipate your birthing day


Ka Huna Massage

This style of bodywork provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical,emotional and spiritual dimensions. 



Learn the recipe to a positive birth experience. Feel prepared and empowered to birth on your terms. 


Hypnobirthing Australia course

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Pink Gradient


"Anne provided us with so much valuable wisdom and education around birth. Ultimately helping us to birth safely and confidently at home with our private midwife. Anne reinforced most importantly the body's natural ability to give birth.. and the power i had in controlling my mind to create a safe physical and mental space for us and our baby.
The hypnobirth content was taught thoughtfully and sensitively and we both left feeling empowered and excited about birthing the way we had chosen to.
Our Jack was born amazingly gently and safely at home." 

"Before doing the hypnobirthing course my partner and I briefly discussed what the birth would be like. Neither of us had any idea and the thought of watching our baby crowning terrified my partner! He just assumed that he would sit next to my head and let me squeeze his hand during contractions (which we now call surges). From what a lot of other people told me, I was going to be in a world of pain and this became my expectation of childbirth. However Anne taught us the complete opposite!! After doing the course our attitude flipped and we were so excited for the day our baby was ready to meet us. Anne gave us tools to practice and use throughout the surges so that my partner could confidently support me rather than sit and watch idly by. We gave birth to our baby boy in the hospital after one and a half hours. Our midwife nearly sent us home because I wasn't even showing signs of being in labour! Thanks to Anne's hypnobirthing tools I was able to remain calm, trust my body and rely on my partner to ease the pressure through each surge. We had a truly beautiful birthing experience, which wouldn't have been possible without Anne's hypnobirthing course. If you're having any doubts at all about whether you can have a natural birth, Anne will put your mind at ease. She is such a gentle and down to earth facilitator yet she also adds her professional knowledge, skills and experience as a midwife to the course. I wish more first time mums knew about this!!!


Anna Carstairs

Experienced Midwife & Birth Worker, Holistic childbirth educator and qualified level 3 Ka Huna Bodyworker 

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